Hardwood refinishing is an essential service

If you have wood flooring, you will eventually need hardwood floor refinishing services. It's a great way to care for your flooring and keep them looking and performing their best. The service even allows you to change certain things during the process.

The more you know about hardwood refinishing before it's needed, the better decisions you can make. You'll know what to look for and expect when contacting us. Here are some facts that will serve you and your hardwood flooring.

Knowing when to refinish

Knowing when refinishing is necessary is crucial, but it's not always an easy task. For example, wood floor refinishing is essential if you see indicators such as discoloration, extensive wear, or water spots. But your flooring might require a professional assessment, depending on your situation.

Once you find that your floors need refinishing, you'll discuss all your options with a flooring specialist. You'll have the opportunity to choose the same colors and textures for your wood surfaces, or you can opt to change them. We'll discuss these and many other options before the work begins.



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The process of wood floor refinishing

The first and most crucial step in this hardwood service is sanding floors. Sanding is how the wear, scratches, and damage are removed from the surface of your wood floors. It reveals a fresh layer of untouched wood to which we can start with a new finish.

The process can take some time, depending on the features you choose and the size of the rooms. Sanding, cleaning, and drying time can take a few days to a week to complete. Therefore, allowing 24 hours of final dry time is vital before walking on the surface in sock feet.

You can bring furniture back into the room 48 hours after wood floor refinishing, but you'll want to wait another day or so for extra heavy pieces. If you have questions about any part of the service, we're here to answer them all. So, visit us today to get this service underway.

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