Six reasons your home wants area rugs

Area rugs can add color, warmth, and definition to a room. They highlight, accent, and coordinate, and they’re available in all shapes, sizes, and hues.

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Six benefits of these little rugs

  1. They highlight and accent an area. Say you have a room with hardwood floors, which are well-known for their beautiful undertones. You have a mahogany floor with a red undertone and you want to bring it out. One way is to throw a coordinating scatter rug over the wood and watch what happens. They add definition.
  2. Often, sections of a space will be set aside as various “rooms.” Separate with rugs.
  3. They eliminate noise. This is especially useful in high-traffic rooms like the dining room. All that chair dragging can be disruptive! Any hard surface won’t absorb noise so it bounces all over the walls, but it’s an easy fix:
  4. They make for easy cleaning. Put a rug under the dining room table and don’t worry if food gets dropped. You can just pick the rug up clean it.
  5. They make it more comfortable to stand for long periods. If you’re on your feet a lot in the kitchen preparing big family meals, you’ll appreciate the extra cushioning from rugs.
  6. They’re grounding and calming. A lot of people don’t realize it, but those big open layouts can make you feel a little woozy or dizzy at times. That’s because there’s no definition so you just float in one big space. Area rugs, because they create little “boundaries,” make you feel snug and warm.

A rug also slows the flow of energy in an area, but a hard surface just seems to increase it, which is why echoes and sounds bounce on the walls, resulting in jangled nerves.

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